Taste Safari

Murphy & Deyn's Taste Safari @ Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, Essex
Murphy & Deyn’s Taste Safari @ Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, Essex

Inspired by dental, medical and wine tasting procedures,  Miss Murphy and her accomplices Mr McKenzie & Mr Deyn have presented a number of successful live ‘tasting’ events with audiences at Anglia Ruskin University  (2015),  Chelmsford’s ‘Sensation- Festival of the Senses’ (2013), and The Wellcome Collection‘s ‘Get Mouthy’ event (2011, curated by Alex Julyan) .

Examining the public’s preferences and sensitivities to a variety of taste sensations and ideas, The Taste Safari teams invite as many people as possible to look closely at their culinary, romantic and oral ‘tastes’ and preferences.

Combining some of the rituals of wine tasting with medical examination procedures,  Murphy’s eccentric ‘arbiters of taste’ offer audiences a variety of flavoursome drops, taste sensations and ideas to savour – and in turn, invite them to contribute a photograph of their tongue’s sensitivity – or dexterity – to the Safari collection.

The Taste Safari event can be adapted and commissioned to suit a wide range of contexts.

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Here are some images of our fabulous participants at Anglia Ruskin University Campus (2015)


Picture gallery below from the Taste Safari at Chelmsford’s Sensation Festival , 2013