This recent series of cast glass sculptures explore some of the sensuous, viscous qualities of glass through a series or  ‘chain’ of  overflowing vessels.

Experimenting with different ways of channeling and freezing the flow of the hot glass  as it pours down cascading steps, these sculptures attempt to capture and arrest some deliciously poised moments and movements of this amazing liquid’s qualities.

These images show show a series of prototypes and experiments towards larger, site-specific works suitable for public and private installations. They will be developed as free standing works supported by discrete armatures .

The experiments featured here measure heights of approx 50- 80cm, widths of between 15-25 cm,  by 10- 16 cm depth, however the intention is to create larger scale works to fit specific environments /locations.

The pictured series have been created between 2010 and 2012 at Richmond Adult Community College, Twickenham with the kind facilitation of their expert technician Jane Maskew and lecturer and artist Max Jaquard

Residency and funding opportunities to further research and experiment with this approach are currently being sought to extend this work through new configurations, colours and at a larger scale.

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