Created Out of Mind

Created Out of Mind 2016-18


Detail of historic case study example of historic diagnosis of dementia from Queen Square Archives

ReimaginingDementia_2024-04-07 at 19.28.38

Charlie Murphy & Pixel Press's 'Reimagining Dementia Campaign' creative printmaking workshop at Wellcome Collection, part of 'Can Graphic Design Save your Life?' 2018 developed by CHarli

Leaves_0021 copy

Letterpressed leaves installation co created with members of Rare Dementia Support in collaboration with Charlie Murphy & Pixel Press


Studio Senses Illusion Vase (foreground) and work by Charles Harrison and Charlie Murphy exhibited in Dundee at Lifespace Gallery


View of Charlie Murphy's 'balance' series of luminograms at presented in Dundee at Lifespace Gallery, 2018 as part of the exhibition Trajectories

Professor Brian Day from UCL's Sensorimotor Lab talking about his research at Trajectories- an exhibition of work in progress presented in Dundee at Lifespace Gallery, 20q8

Installation view of Charlie Murphy's 'balance' series of luminograms at presented in Dundee at Lifespace Gallery, 2018 as part of the exhibition Trajectories


Luminogram portrait of Jane Twigg ,part of a two year creative project and dialogue with Charlie Murphy & Charles Harrison


Installation view of Jane Twigg's sculpture 2018

Jane_Howitfeelsto me _inside_sm

Detail view of Jane Twigg's sculpture, 2018


Detail view of assembly of one of Jane Twigg's sculptures 2018


Charlie Murphy's ongoing series of illuminated glass sculptures, 'studies for neurons' 2017, part of the Brains in a Dish project


The Neuronal Disco Team at Normal?Festival of the Brain, Folkestone , 2017


Murphy & Wray's Neuronal Disco at Royal Festival Hall for B(old) Festival, 2018, part of Brains in a Dish

Shaping perceptions of Dementias, Wellcome Hub, 2016-18

Created out of Mind were an interdisciplinary team of scientists, artists, researchers and people living with dementias and their carers who were residents of Wellcome Collection’s prestigious Hub from 20216-18.

Led by neuropsychologist Professor Sebastian Crutch (UCL Dementia Research Centre), the team included co directors Paul Camic  Fergus Walsh (BBC Medical Correspondent); Charlie Murphy (visual artist); Nick Fox (UCL Dementia Research Centre); Caroline Evans (Project Manager); Julian West (Royal Academy of Music), many members and staff of Rare Dementia Support,   Philip Ball (science writer & broadcaster), Gill Windle (Bangor University) and many individuals, charities and partner organisations. 

Created out of Mind ‘s research projects aimed to 

  • Explore, challenge and shape perceptions of dementias 
  • Demonstrate the value of the creative process
  • Deepen public understandings of the brain 
  • Reaffirm the value of people with dementia &their experiences 

Bringing together many different disciplines and perspectives , their work aimed to raise awareness and better inform public audiences about the many different impacts and dimensions of the different forms of dementias.  

Challenging traditional definitions and common misconceptions, they utilised an array of novel research methodologies.

Working closely with people living with dementia and their carers they worked with more than 60 collaborating individuals, institutions and charities.

By the close of their Hub residency, the projects impacts included  :

  • 50K website visitors (average of 3800 per month)
  • 40 public engagement events 
  • 6 visual art exhibitions & installations across the UK 
  • 17 National media & broadcast pieces including BBC World Service, BBC Radio 3, ITV, Telegraph & Guardian reaching audiences of over 5 million  
  • 34 Talks, panel discussions and creative workshops delivered across arts, health & science contexts 

Many projects and impacts have continued beyond the residency’s duration, with the team’s work continuing to make significant contributions to public health policies, arts& health strategies, public awareness and engagement and more 

Created out of Mind was organisationally led by the Dementia Research Centre, UCL and funded by the Wellcome Trust. 

Created out of Mind’s website is no longer active, however  some project  outputs and documentation may be accessed through Wellcome Collection’s image and library services

Created Out of Mind residency at Wellcome Collection