Retort (turning circles)

Retort (turning circles), 2011 from Charlie Murphy on Vimeo.

This magical installation offers a mesmerising insight into some of the alchemic, physical and esoteric dimensions of scientific glass.

Integrating an intriguing still life of laboratory glass with jewel-like projected video – the installation chronicles some of the fascinating processes involved in the making of these extraordinary apparatus.

Projected like a genie inside a round bottomed laboratory flask,   ‘Retort’ reveals the sensual qualities, mastery, timing and precision involved in working with this amazingly maleable material.

Master glass blowing Raymond Tribe has been working with scientific glass for over forty years and is one of the last remaining skilled scientific glass blowers in the UK.

This video offers an important historical record and fitting tribute to the incredible dexterity, alchemy and skill involved in this dying trade – demonstrating a number of techniques which have as yet not been achievable with machines.

Composer and Jorge Queijo and musician Maria Monica have created an evocative soundtrack that integrates dialogue and percussive sounds from the workshop with electronic and orchestral interpretations of these dynamic processes.

Produced with the kind support of  The Wellcome Collection, London,  Kingston University & Chemglass Manufacturing Ltd.

Retort video installation and cerebral glass series from Charlie Murphy on Vimeo.