The Art of Tickling Trout…..

the art of tickling

‘The Art of Tickling Trout and Other Sensual Pleasures’ 2001-3 is a mixed media installation which includes a series of 24 short videos,a series of limited edition rosettes and sashes, a range of animal husbandry equipment and accessories, limited edition video stills and a small booklet.

Created through a Navvygate residency at Artsway (Contemporary Art in the New Forest) the video series offers ambiguous, subtle and sometimes violent meditations on the motivations underlying human interactions with animals.

“…this Tickling Art, be the Sauce and Relish to the most Luxurious Entertainments…”
Filling our senses with powerful, provocative images and dialogues, these intense short video works present provocative insights into the intimate relationships and dynamics involved handling and controlling of animals.A large water trough, filled with a milk-like liquid trough acts as a kind of viewers’ ‘watering hole’ for viewers drawn to the ripple of twitchingmuscle – projected onto its quivering surface while fishy, watery imagery contrasts with stroking amongst the trappings of a variety of animal paraphanalia – evoking some humorous and suggestive readings of animal husbandry.

To view a selection of videos from this series on video please use the links:

Early experiments towards the series Deep and Dark

Selected works from The Art of Tickling Trout & other Sensual Pleasures series : Soften, Carousel,  Lithe, Horn

Presented as major sculptural and video installation at Artsway 2003 and subsequently included in their pioneering New Forest Pavilion exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2005, these works have also featured independently through screenings by CAS, Artsadmin, Gallery 39 and The Rhythm Factory.

A small, limited edition booklet has been published by ArtSway to accompany the exhibition, which includes a short essay by Kathy Kubicki, (lecturer in visual culture at Goldsmiths and freelance writer).

A selection of video stills available as Limited Edition digital prints: