Plant Harlotry

This series of photographic luminograms use, light, plant foliage and photographic paper to create fantastical composite images that celebrate the burgeoning forms of plant life both above and below ground. Created in response to the rich gothic context of Kensal Green Cemetery where they were first exhibited (at the Dissenters’ Chapel Gallery), ‘Plant Harlotry’ references the dark, earthy associations of this beautiful Victorian cemetery and buildings in large scale silver gelatin prints. A small selection of these limited edition (7)  prints are currently available or may also be printed to order.

The gallery below presents related smaller scale pairings of  (5 x 7 and 10″x 8 ” ) photogram / luminogram works,  created with an assortment of organic and glass objects and fibre based paper in of positive and negative form. These are available in editions of 5.