Salute R&D from Charlie Murphy on Vimeo.

‘Salute’ (2006-9) is an evocative performance that transforms maritime traditions into exuberant outdoor theatre throughout the rigging of square rigged Tall Ships.

Inspired by romantic stories from the age of sail,  ‘Salute’ transforms and animates Britain’s strong, social, seafaring and trading heritage into an awe-inspiring theatrical Tall Ship Show.

Interpreting famous maritime salutations and rituals  such as ‘Manning the Yards’ and ‘piping the side’, ‘Salute’ will appropriate a wide range of accessible gestures and motifs from popular films and musicals to present an irreverent tale of adventure, flirtation and courtship at sea and in port.

Contrasting the stiffness of military displays with extravagant chorus lines, the vibrant young cast will show off a panoply of skills from circus, sailing and dance, weaving a fairy tale love story between ‘High Canvas’ sailors and a sultry troupe of showgirls.

Combining dramatic lighting with dynamic dance and aerial choreographies throughout the ship’s rig, the story-line will unfold through dizzying aerial cartwheels, captivating Can Cans and synchronised signalling sequences laced with breathtaking tricks, infectious music and slapstick humour.

Delivered through an innovative range of partnerships between maritime, dance and theatre organisations, Miss Murphy invites you to commission a  ‘Salute’ for a wide range of contexts and celebrations.

The R&D for this project (2006-9) has been supported by an individual artist grant from Arts Council England (London) , LIPAThe Circus Spaceartsadmin , ArtSway and Mersey Heritage Trust.

Many thanks are due to the aerial team Emma Insley and Vicky McManus, to Mary Prestige and her lovely dance students, the fabulous crew of ‘ Zebu’- in particular Geoff Hanle &, Susan Hanley-Place – Thomas Graham, Giuseppe Frusteri, Nikki Tomlinson, Mark Godber and Elaine Lomath and everyone who has contributed to the project so far.

This project also honours the fond memories we have of  Emma Insley, Geoff Hanley and Brendan who all gave a huge amount of help and inspiration to the project.