Back Seat Confessions 2013 & 2014

Back Seat Confessions from Charlie Murphy on Vimeo. 

Miss Murphy has collected ‘Back Seat Confessions’ for her recent performance installation at The Fling Festival in Chelmsford..

Do you a memorable experience to tell from being in a car ? a romance ? anecdotes from a long journey? an argument?  do you have any pictures to contribute?

Send Miss Murphy your romantic, comic or sordid stories of what you’ve got up to in, around or on cars to include in her installation…

You can contribute your anecdotes and images by email, message on FB or you  post your messages in person through the window in person during the festival show.

Your messages will be inscribed in the steamed up windows and your images included in the slide show projections that light up the car.. in testimony to whatever tales of lust, longing or bad behaviour you care to share…anonymously or otherwise…

Pull over and dish up your crashes and crushes! Spill your car romance beans! Confess to those back seat fumblings and romances…

We look forward to hearing from you!

Images below from installations at The Fling Festival 2013 & 2014

(The Back Seat Team are :Miss Murphy, Miss Leonard & Mr Dobrowolski )