Safe Light


‘Safe Light´is a critical personal response to key works in the history of performance and visual arts including Muybridge’s photographic studies of human locomotion and Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending the stairs’ to Franko B’s iconic performance ‘I miss you.’

Staged on a dark staircase– a woman emerges like a ghost on the upper landing, lit only by the gloomy orange of darkroom safelights.
Stepping onto a long photographic ‘carpet’, she slowly descends the stairs; her pathway sporadically illuminated by the flashes of photographers’s cameras stationed on either side of her path.
The woman’s slow descent and stairwell’s architecture is recorded in multiple exposures on the photographic paper – creating a large-scale photogram.
This long, rolling indexical document is presented in positive and negative form which may be presented as an installation in a suitable stairwell location.   Some test images can be seen here:
 ‘infinite descent’ , a related short looped video work   subsequent exhibition and festival screenings alongside a large – scale photographic work (see test images below).

A scratch performance of of this work was presented at ‘Tempting Failure’ , Bristol, on Friday Nov 7th 2014