This dark, rich, photographic series (2000-1) is driven by a desire to reach the extremes of photographic recording and explore very raw, physical absolutes of light and darkness

Pushing  the film’s silver to the opposite ends of its photo-sensitive spectrum, this project strips the image down to a very bare, fundamental exploration of light.

The result presents a very particular photographic minimalism of abstract forms as grains on celluloid

Following the series ‘Helio’ (1999) which recorded the burning affect of the sun’s extreme luminance on film,  ‘pitch’ explores the ability of film to record and differentiate the delicate landscapes and spaces of darkness.

Picturing only the barest hints of human presence or the creeping flood of light pollution from the towns, the sky is rendered by a coarse texture of coagulated grain, with each pin-prick of light clumped in tight, desperate colonies across the empty expanses of film.

Scenes consider the borders between rural and urban territories, or between a gaping river mouth and the looming open sea,. The quiet burning of lamps in the darkness; stand sentinel to the sleepers and unfold a plethora of human anxieties and fears of what darkness threatens.

The sparseness of abstracted strata and constellations in each image opens up a whole range of interpretations,  divining a wide spectrum of pagan myths, fears and childhood imaginings

Hand Printed , this first series is available on Rich Fibre Based Matt Paper at 12″ x 16″,  in an edition of 12.