Balance – sensorimotor photograms

‘untitled’ from the ‘balance ’ luminogram series
2018  © Charlie Murphy/Created Out of Mind

Charlie’s  ‘balance’ series of images record experiences of being ‘tested’ in a laboratory designed to measure changes and instabilities characteristic of some forms of dementia and ‘movement disorders’.

Using light and photographic paper to illuminate some of the disorientation, doubts and vulnerability that can emerge in laboratory testing situations – these images aim to highlight some of the rarer symptoms of dementia which are currently poorly recognized or understood.

Images from the new ‘balance’ series are currently being exhibited at Dundee’s Life Space Gallery as part of their new exhibition  ‘Trajectories” 1st Feb-2nd June 2018 and new images are in progress.

Collaborators contributing to this research project include   Professor Brian Day, Amy Peters,,  Sean Mulcahy / Metro Imaging and  photography team Benjamin Gilbert and Tom Farnetti at Wellcome Collection.

This series forms part of a wider collaborative research project which investigates some of the visual, textual & linguistic metaphors used to describe experiences of dementia  through creative experiments, workshops and dialogues with people living with dementia, the people who care for them – and some of the scientists involved in researching their many different impacts.

Capturing their unique perspectives and voices through a wide range of creative processes and media this project aims to challenge public misconceptions, misrepresentations and some of the unhelpful or misleading metaphors frequently used in public discourse.



Further research and creative experiments are under way with collaborators including Jane Twigg, artist Charlie Harrison, Dr Hannah Zeilig, Professor Seb Crutch, Pixel Press, Rare Dementia Support groups and members of Wellcome staff – as part of Created Out of Mind’s residency in the Hub at Wellcome from Oct 2016 – July 2018.