Metaphors for the Mind


Research projects overview :

Jane’s Anchor’s – short text & images

Brainscan Headdress – #1 and ongoing work

Ceramics–  Team works – ‘Me old China’ and Studio Senses Project- Ceramic Diaries and ‘illusion vase’

‘In search of the right words ‘ –  Experimental Printing and language  – workshops interrogating and re-imagining the language we use to describe experiences of dementia-Members of RDS and public audiences discuss and design their own public health posters and postcards as part of ‘Can Graphic Design Save your Life’ at Wellcome Collection..

Glass & Other sculptural experiments – an hour in the mind ..half an orange, jane’s hands

Histories of Dementia – looking into early case studies of dementia – at Ticehurst  Hospital  (archives held in  Wellcome’s archives ) and Queens Square Archives (housing records of National Brain Hospitial etc- see photo refs)- team, presentation & papers