Four Wishes & A Drop of Rain

‘Four Wishes & A Drop of Rain’ is a glass sculpture and fibre optic light installation commissioned for the Chemotherapy Ward at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth in 1998.

A large, shimmering fibre optic dandelion head has been installed as central sculpture feature in the reception area, while four dandelion seed ‘wishes’  are suspended at the ends of the ward beds.


An illuminated waterfall of glass raindrops hang across the windows providing a partial screening from the car park area – providing a gentle glow which is reflected in the pool like mirrored window sills.


This lottery commission, coordinated by Anne Dundon, was kindly supported by Par Opti, Mathmos and the Royal College of Art. Hot Glass facilitated by Ian Hankey. Technical support from Roddy Canas, Rob and Martin.Production and installation supported by Sonja Klingler and Heather Martin. Logistic and emotional support from Luke and Mischa Schiller. Film footage shot by Robin Toyne and Shafique Vellani. Music Phillip Glass. This project inspired by and created in loving memory of Fi Schiller.

Documentation of the making of ‘Four Wishes and a Drop of Rain’ – including preparing the dandelion head, hot glass work to create the glass droplets and experimentation with the light sources and shimmer wheels can be seen in a video available at :