‘Forever ‘ explores and celebrates some hidden dimensions and qualities of personal graffiti and declarations of love found carved into the fabric of public furniture, buildings and trees.

Taking very detailed impressions from a wide range of inscriptions, Murphy uses positive and negative mould making processes to emphasise the amazing details, depths and textures of this very primal form of mark-making to capture them in the magnifying depths of the glass.

Integrating new light technologies with architectural scale architectural scale glass, the inscriptions are transposed into large glass panels which  aim to illuminate and memorialise   the heartfelt sentiment, indignant rage and utter profanity  expressed so succinctly in both public and private spaces.

The scale of these  glass panels will envelop the viewer to create a private from which space view appropriate to these intimate love inscriptions.

Smaller scale works and details for illuminated window,aperture features or free standing sculptures may also be developed for a wide range of public and private contexts.

rom inside the curve of the trees they are carved into

Artist impression of glass texture from inside