The Neuronal Disco

Neuronal Disco lit up Southbank Centre’s (B)old Festival Recently.. 

Here was the invitation to our spectacular event in the Royal Festival Hall’s Clore Ballroom;

Join Charlie Murphy and molecular neuroscientist Dr Selina Wray as they explain behaviours and patterns of brain health and disease at molecular level through a series of choreographed dance moves.

Dance and discover the molecular formations and behaviours of brain health and disease through the power of disco

Curious about the inner workings of your brain? Learn about the dynamic functions of your neurons and how their developments and connections inform ground breaking new research into different kinds of dementia.

Patterns and formations of neuronal growth, connection, communication and degeneration are celebrated through different dance groupings and wearable technologies, using dance to explore molecular neurochemistry.

Join their playful dance workshop for a glittering, exuberent cocktail of molecular neuroscience, disco and country dancing ..

The Neuronal Disco is part of ‘Brains in a Dish’ – an interdisciplinary research project for Created Out of Mind. Supported by Wellcome, their projects aim to explore, challenge and shape perceptions of dementias through science and the arts.