Created Out of Mind

Creating a photogram portrait with collaborator  Jane Twigg, 2018 photo:Millie Van Der Byl Williams

Charlie is  visual arts director and artist in residence with Created Out of Mind – an interdisciplinary team based in The Hub at Wellcome Collection in London (Oct 2016-18).

Collaborating with people with different kinds of dementia, scientists, artists, musicians, broadcasters, clinicians and carers, Created Out of Mind’s research aims to explore and shape perceptions and understanding of dementias through science and the arts.

Her research investigates visual, linguistic and scientific metaphors and tools used to describe, analyse and understand the impact of dementias.

Responding to UCL’s pioneering research into dementia across neuropsychology, molecular neuroscience, motor neuroscience and the lived experiences of these conditions, Charlie is creating a range of artworks, performances and events which aim to raise awareness about the varied and unexpected impacts of dementias at social, personal and cellular levels.

Initiating a range of research enquiries, projects and public engagement activities, Charlie has developed a wide range of creative workshops, exhibitions and events in collaboration with  Rare Dementia Support networks, Wellcome Collection, Pixel Press, Folkestone’s Normal FestivalDundee’s Life Space Gallery , Studio Senses , (ceramics students from Central St Martins), Graphics & Photography Students from Kingston University..

Charlie is now collating this research and developing  artworks, workshops and exhibitions to share with national and international audiences through a variety of exhibitions, events and publications.